Our Story

Immortelle is to live your life to its full potential to "Cease to Exist Begin to Live". It is to get out of your routine and make the changes you want to see in your life. 

After my best friend passed away, it made me realize that life isn't promised and I must get out of my routine in order to conquer everything I set out to do; to "Begin to Live".

The word immortal constantly played in my head and something that I always wanted to do was to make clothing. I never had any true motivation til now and I know to do so I must "Cease to Exist Begin to Live".

To ensure the difference in the movement and its base word I named it "Immortelle". 

I desire to make my mark Immortelle and leave a legacy worth remembering because we know the soul never dies. Join me in this journey because we live forever through the humans we experience.

We are Immortelle.